One might think that brewing tea is a mindless task. After all, it's just throwing a tea bag in some hot water, right? Well that is the gist of it, yes, but brewing the perfect cup of tea takes a bit more effort. A few simple tips can take your tea time to the next level.

Tip #1: Never use "double boiled" water. Previously boiled water has lost oxygen through steam/vaporization. This makes your tea taste flat. Make sure you use fresh water every time.

Tip #2: Not just any water will do. Tap water may have a chemical taste. Microwaved water adds a metallic taste. For best results, use fresh filtered water that you heat on the stove.

Tip #3: Time and temp is key. You want to make sure that you’re not “cooking” the tea leaves. You also don’t want to steep the tea for too long. Tannins may be released, making the tea taste bitter.
• Black teas: 205° and 3-5 minutes
• Green teas: 185° and 3 minutes
• Pu-erh teas: 195° and 3 minutes
• Oolong teas: 195° and 3 minutes
• White teas: 170° and 4 minutes
• Herbal teas: 205° and 4-7 minutes

Tip #4: Don't squeeze the bag. (Speaking of tannins) Squeezing your tea bag releases tannins into the water, again, making the tea taste bitter. After the proper steeping time, simply remove the tea bag and dispose.

Hope that was helpful!

xo Kristen